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Don’t buy the Weber Q320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill until you’ve read my Best Gas Grill Reviews.

For many of us, the fine weather signals the beginning of outdoor cooking on our charcoal or gas grills and inviting friends over to share in those home cooked burgers, juicy steaks or even rotisserie roasted chickens. In fact with the advent of new features like infra-red cooking technology and the convenience that some of the best gas grills are now portable or tabletop grills, there really is no place that you can't enjoy perfectly cooked food straight from your grill.

Are My Best Gas Grill Reviews Really So Important?

With so many products on the market, each with their own set of features to entice the unsuspecting buyer, you really need to be informed before you choose to buy and have made a few important decisions. Always remember these two important principles, firstly, in this market you only get what you pay for and secondly added features cost money. Therefore, it is essential that you know your budget and that you also know what features you would like or more importantly, which features you are happy to do without!

So Why The Best Gas Grill?

It is now generally accepted that there is little difference in taste between food that has been cooked on a gas grill and that using charcoal. Some people love the challenge associated with starting and maintaining a charcoal fire and the smell of food grilled over the hot coals but a charcoal grill lacks the precision that the best gas grill offers and, of course, there's far less mess to clean up after wards.
It is true that the best gas grill will cost as much as 3 times that of a good quality charcoal grill but you must also bear in mind that it will typically last twice as long and that it will also be cheaper to run. Furthermore, because a gas grill is simple to light, heats up more quickly and is easier to regulate it can be used most of the year round. So, if your budget will allow, it is best to see your gas grill as an investment otherwise it is my advise to avoid the inferior quality of the low end gas grills and to opt for a good quality charcoal grill.

7 Buying Tips – Finding The Best Gas Grill for You

Here are my top 7 tips in order for you to take full advantage of the gas grill reviews and know that you are buying the best gas grill for you.

  • Cost - inexpensive is usually a sign of inferior quality; a good quality gas grill should last for 10 years.
  • Construction and Durability - stainless steel and cast aluminum are the most durable materials but care is also a major factor of how long it will last. Keep it clean and covered
  • Fuel – Natural Gas (requires a line) or Propane Gas (tank or cylinder) – this function is not interchangeable so make sure you get it right.
  • Basic Features – adequate number of independent burners; stainless steel cooking grate is best or with a porcelain-enamel finish; fully portable or on a wheeled stand
  • Size – Consider how many people you will cook for – 300 square inches is a typical family sized grill.
  • Heat - BTU is only an indication of the volume of gas a grill can burn. Also look for variable temperature
  • Additional Features – shelves, warming racks, rotisserie, locking wheels, side burners, smoker box, meat thermometer etc. – all very nice but at what price?

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Check out my best gas grill reviews below:

Weber 586002 Q320 Gas Grill

Weber Q320 Portable Gas Grill

One of the best top selling gas grills this season is this portable gas grill from the Weber Q range. A fiery little number the Weber 586002 Q320 gas grill is great for grilling on the beach or at home in the yard, it cooks steak to perfection and leaves chicken with a tasty crispy skin. With porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates there is little charring which as you'll know if you've been out door cooking for a long time is a common problem especially when cooking with briquettes. This gas grill features a whopping 462 square inches of cooking grate which means that you can cook up to 18 burgers, 26 hot dogs, or 2 whole chickens at a time, not bad!

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Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Gas Grill LXE

Coleman Road Trip Gas Grill

Compared to the Coleman 9949-750 Gas Grill, which is a 36 inch collapsible propane grill, the Weber has a far larger grilling area (462 square inches on the Weber versus 285 square inches on the Coleman). Both of these gas grills have porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates which are fantastic for cleaning and last longer than the standard cast iron grate. While the Weber is a great little number the Coleman weighs in a fair deal lighter at 52 lbs against the Weber's 85 lbs and so would be ideal for tailgate parties, although the handy features on the Weber, such as the removable work tables and infinitely adjustable burner valve puts the Weber gas grill in a class of its own.

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There are a couple of other really nice portable gas grills that I'd like to review below. Why not follow the links to check them out for yourself.

CharBroil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill

CharBroil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Quantum Gas Grill is an innovation in portable gas grills bringing to the grilling scene infra red cooking technology. Infra red cooking technology quite literally sears in the flavor and keeps meat juicy on the inside. The design of this gas grill allows for great grilling versatility, each burner has its own temperature gauge and the design allows for the addition of woodchips in order to add that mouth watering barbeque flavor. This best gas grill features a primary cooking area of 340 square inches but has a secondary are of 125 square inches, so it is indeed versatile. However, it does weigh in at a massive 100 pounds, so although it’s a great gas grill, if you plan to travel with it be prepared for the extra weight.

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Cuisinart CGG-200 Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-200 Tabletop Gas Grill

Check out this Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill, another one of  our best gas grills. It is really convenient to carry out to the park or the beach, with folding stainless steel shelves and carry handles it weighs in at 39 pounds. This gas grill is also ideal for the smaller yard or patio and features Cuisinart's unique ‘Versatile Modular Grill Surface System’ which is essentially a series of specialized interchangeable grill surfaces that fix together and are suited to frequently grilled foods (the grill comes with the veggie panel and others are available). The panels attach securely to the cooking surface and are easy to quickly remove for cleaning and storage. The standard grilling area consists of porcelain enamel-coated cast iron. The grilling area on this gas grill is 240 square inches which is not bad at all for its size at all.

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